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    What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Puppy

    What Kind of Food Should I Feed My Puppy: Raising a puppy can be harder than it seems, with many pet owners wondering how to discipline their pets and keep them under control.

    Another common question many pet owners have is: What kind of foods should I feed my puppy?

    There are numerous brands and types of food on the market, each one claiming to be the best.For a pet owner hoping to give their furry friend the best possible start to life, this can be very confusing. Learning more about your puppy’s nutritional needs and how various types of foods measure up is the best way to start.

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    What Makes Puppy Food Different from Adult Food?

    Puppies have an incredibly fast metabolism. They are constantly growing, building and developing new bones and muscles almost every day. Puppy food contains a ton of calories and extra nutrients. Taken together, these components make puppy food the ideal choice for growing dogs.

    Starting with adult food instead can lead to health problems in growing puppies. It can make them lethargic, stunt their growth, and even lead to pre-mature orthopedic issues. Pet owners need to choose high-quality puppy food and begin feeding it to their dogs as soon as they are ready.

    While you do need to pay attention to the signs that they are ready to start adult food, almost all dogs require a steady diet of puppy food for at least the first six to nine months of their lives.

    When Do Puppies Start Eating Solid Food?

    Once a puppy reaches four weeks of age, they should start a diet consisting of solid food. This is about the age that they can no longer get all the calories and nutrients they need from their mother’s milk. Most breeders and puppy owners introduce solid food gradually throughout the weaning process.

    Puppies are generally fully weaned by six weeks of age. Very young puppies should be fed canned or semi-moist food until their jaws become stronger. Alternatively, you can moisten the kibble until it is soft and chewy.

    Types of Puppy Food

    In general, there are three types of food available for puppies of all breeds. The best one for your dog depends on breed, their dietary fussiness, and other health concerns. In most cases, dry food is perfectly acceptable. However, smaller breeds may have an issue with the size of the kibbles.

    In these cases, you may need to buy specialty products or consider switching to canned or semi-moist products. If you notice that your puppy does not take an interest in one type of food, consider trying an alternative while you wait to see the vet.

    Canned Food

    Canned food is the most expensive option available, but puppies often find this type of food the best. If you have a dog that is a reluctant eater, you may need to resort to canned products.

    Make sure you take the time to read the label and nutritional contents very carefully. Even products marked “all meat” may not contain all the nutrients your puppy needs to grow. In situations like these, you may need to augment your canned food diet, adding other products to fill out the necessary nutrients.

    Semi-Moist Food

    Semi-moist puppy food typically comes in single-serving packages and is designed to look like human products, such as hamburger. As with canned products, this type of puppy food can be pricey. It is also preferable among dogs who have dietary concerns or who have issues chewing and digesting kibble.


    Kibble, or dry dog food, is the least expensive and most popular feeding option. Manufactures take the time to ensure that kibble-based products contain everything your puppy needs to maintain a balanced diet.

    Some pet owners prefer kibble to other types of dog food, because it has many benefits to a dog’s oral health. Others add a bit of canned or semi-moist food to kibble in an effort to make it more appealing for their puppies. If your dog happens to have a hard time chewing, you can add a bit of water to the bowl, which softens up the kibble.

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    Other Puppy Feeding Tips

    Be sure you feed your puppy at the same times each day. This helps them learn a feeding schedule and makes them less likely to disrupt you at random times looking for a meal. It is also wise to avoid feeding your puppy scraps from the table.

    Not only does this encourage begging, it can also lead to an unhealthy diet, where your furry friend fills up on empty calories and fails to get the important nutrients they need.

    Giving your puppy the healthiest start to life is the best thing you can do for them as a pet owner. This involves giving them lots of love, care, and ensuring you learn how to discipline them in healthy ways. Equally as important is knowing the answer to the question of “what kind of food should I feed my puppy” to ensure they grow up to be healthy, strong, and happy.

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