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    What Can I Feed My Puppy Beside Dog Food

    What Can I Feed My Puppy Beside Dog Food

    What Can I Feed My Puppy Beside Dog Food: As a pet owner, you know that it is important to give your puppy a well-balanced diet, complete with all the nutrients they need.  Of course, it is also fun to give your puppy a well-deserved treat every now and then.

    While there are a ton of puppy treats available on the market, sometimes owners want to share some of their own food with their furry friends. Learning more about the types of food that are acceptable for your puppy to eat, and ones that are potentially harmful ensures that you make wise decisions while still indulging your beloved pup. Here’s the answer to the question, “what can I feed my puppy besides dog food.”

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    Safe Food Choices

    Generally speaking, most healthy, fresh human foods are acceptable to feed to puppies. However, not all human food choices are healthy. If you want to give Fido a bit of a treat, consider these options:

    Peanut Butter

    Peanut butter is actually a fantastic food choice for your puppy since it is filled with protein and fiber. Many pet owners even add a tablespoon to their dog’s dry food as a way to make it more appealing. When you buy peanut butter, be sure to stay away from brands that contain xylitol, as it can be toxic to your dog. All-natural alternatives are a safe bet.


    As long as you stay away from brands that contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, yogurt is a great treat for your puppy. Greek yogurt, in particular, is high in calcium and protein. Consider freezing some Greek yogurt to give your puppy as a cool treat on a hot day.

    Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and Salmon

    Most families serve these meats as part of weekly meals. Each one is filled with the nutrients your puppy needs to grow and to maintain healthy energy levels. When it comes to salmon, the extra omega-3 fatty acids promote trainability and lead to a healthier and shinier coat. Be sure you only feed your dog lean meats. Never feed them ones that have been soaked or cooked in oils or wines.

    Pumpkins and Sweet Potatoes

    If you notice that your puppy is having digestive issues, consider feeding them a treat containing pumpkin and/or sweet potatoes. These vegetables are high in carotene and vitamin A, keeping your dog’s digestive system functioning well. Be sure you serve them as is, without adding any sugars or sauces.


    Apples are a delicious and nutritious snack you can share with your furry friend. They are high in vitamin A and C and help promote good oral health. Almost all dogs love apples served fresh, without adding any sugar or preservatives.

    What Can I Feed My Puppy Beside Dog Food 2

    Dangerous Food Choices

    While there are numerous human foods you can safely feed to your puppy, there are several options that could lead to illness or even death. Whenever you are faced with those big puppy dog eyes, be sure to say “no” to the following:

    Chocolate and Cocoa

    Depending on the size of your dog, just one bite of a piece of chocolate can cause seizures, abnormal heart rhythm, or even death. This is because of theobromine, which is toxic to animals. Unfortunately, not all dogs are able to stay away from these sweet treats. Be sure you store any supplies you have in areas your dog cannot reach. You should also warn any young children against sharing their chocolate treats with furry friends.


    Grapes are another food choice that dogs seem to love but is incredibly harmful to them. Older and sick dogs in particular are susceptible to the toxins within the grapes. These elements lead to the weakening of the kidneys. Prolonged exposure can result in long-term kidney disease.


    Avocados contain an element called persin. While this is harmless in humans, just one lick can lead to vomiting and diarrhea for your pets. Be sure you thoroughly rinse off any dishes or surfaces used when preparing avocados for meals to keep your dog safe.

    Onions and Garlic

    Puppies that ingest onions and garlic experience gastrointestinal distress, stomach lining irritation, and red blood cell damage. If large quantities are consumed, your dog could even develop anemia.

    Alcohol and Coffee

    Even a small drop of alcohol can lead to central nervous system depression and breathing difficulties in puppies. Never leave alcoholic beverages within reach of your dog. Keep all bottles in locations where even if broken, your pet could not reach the liquid. It is also important to keep your puppy away from coffee. Even one small sip could lead to internal bleeding and heart palpitations.


    In most cases, sharing snacks and bits of human food is perfectly fine. However, there are some foods that are better choices than others. Additionally, you should learn about the foods that could cause harm to your puppy’s digestive system or overall health. So, when you are trying to answer the question “what can I feed my puppy besides dog food,” hopefully this helped to answer that question.

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