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    The Rescue of Panda the Pitbull

    The heartwarming story of a little lovable pit bull named Panda. Panda showed up at Nanci Richard's door in the middle of the night. Lucky for Panda, he showed up at a dog lover's door.

    According to his rescuer Nanci, "He had this big pit bull head and this very tiny, little body. He was all skin and bones."

    Panda looked like he had been caged for a long while. His body was sort of rounded off.

    In a matter of days little Panda started to gain weight and his personality started to emerge. He started to show everyone what a little love bug he was. "He loves everyone. Everybody and everything. He's got a big heart" says Nanci.

    I think pit bulls get a bad rap. The only pit bull I ever knew was one of the most lovable dogs I had ever met. His name was O.J. He belonged to my friend Leonard. I think O.J. was a lot like Panda. A lovable little fella.

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    About the AuthorAngela Miller

    Hello, my name is Angela Miller. Several years ago, I rescued a little seven-year-old Bichon Frise. I started looking into dog nutrition so I could keep my little love bug for as long as I possibly could. I love my dog too much to feed him unhealthy food. I hope some of the things I've learned along the way will help you and your dog.

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