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    Mom and Six Puppies Rescued by Neighborhood Kids

    When a group of neighborhood kids found six 5-day-old pups at a construction site, they took them home to try and save them. They didn't realize that the pup's mom was out searching for food when they moved them.


    After two days of trying to bottle feed the pups, they contacted Hope For Paws for help.

    The good people at Hope For Paws convinced the children to take them back to the site. There, they were reunited with their Mom. The volunteers took Mom and the six pups to their animal hospital.

    The construction site that they were found on used to be an old Citrus farm. So, naturally the pups were named:

    • Velencia
    • Bergamot
    • Ponderosa
    • Satsuma
    • Manderin
    • Clementine

    Mom was named Navalina.

    A special thanks for volunteers like those that work with because of them the "Citrus family" is doing just fine.

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