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    firefighter saves little puppy

    Puppy Left at Fire Station: Adopted by Firefighter

    When Nicole Velardi returned from a call to the firehouse, she found what looked like a small dog crate inside the firehouse. Nicole is a firefighter and paramedic at Fire Station 61 located in Pompano Beach, Florida.

    Inside the crate was a small dog who had been injured and burned. Nicole gave the little terrier mix some water and bandaged up his wounds. After her shift was over, she took "scruffy" to the vet.

    The poor little fella needed surgery, so Nicole set up a GoFundMe page and was able to raise the money needed for Scruffy's surgery. I'm happy to report that the surgery was a success and little Scruffy is doing fine.

    I first saw this story in one of our local newspapers (The Pelican) here in Pompano Beach. I just wanted to share this story and thank Nicole and all the generous people who contributed to Scruffy's medical fund. Nicole has stopped taking donations for the procedure because enough money was raised to pay for Scruffy's surgery.

    Nicole says that her little pup will be staying at Sunshine Animal Hospital for about a week. She is allowed to visit Scruffy and says that he is great spirits.

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