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    Home Alone with Lucy the Beagle

    Ever wonder what your dog does when you leave her alone? Watch Lucy the Beagle as she gets into all kinds of mischief when she's left alone at home. 


    It would seem that nothing can stop this pup as she jumps up on the kitchen table to investigate any possible snack opportunities.

    I recently saw this video online and I just had to share it:

    This little girl is so smart. She actually pushed a chair from the kitchen table, over to the counter to use as a ladder. Then, she opened up the toaster oven to steal a chicken nugget.

    Beagles don't have a reputation for being the smartest dogs, but this little Beagle is super smart.

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    Hello, my name is Angela Miller. Several years ago, I rescued a little seven-year-old Bichon Frise. I started looking into dog nutrition so I could keep my little love bug for as long as I possibly could. I love my dog too much to feed him unhealthy food. I hope some of the things I've learned along the way will help you and your dog.

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