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    German Shepard Helps Mom do Housework

    Wouldn't it be great to have a dog who could sweep and mop, do laundry, and put down the toilet seat when his little buddy forgets? You'll have to see this to believe it.


    Meet Barron, a two year old German Shepard who can help around the house. Dog trainer Linda and her 4-year-old son Alexander have had Barron since he was 12 weeks old. Linda says, "I first started training Barron the day we got him. Barron is very smart and catches on quickly. German Shepards, overall, are eager to please and they want to learn."

    I've seen some very smart German Shepards, but this one seems to have super powers.

    I just love the way Barron protects his best friend, Alexander. A little boy couldn't have a better friend and protector.

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