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    best dog food for Labradors

    Best Dog Food for Labradors

    As one of the world’s most popular dog breeds, the Labrador is famed for his incredible temperament and ability to be easily trained. Labradors, just like any other large breed canine – require a well-balanced, nutritionally sound diet to maintain optimum health, most notably of their bones, and joints.

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    older tired dog

    Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs

    The nutritional requirements of an older dog are much different than they were  he was a puppy; from protein requirements to calorie count.

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    old dog on his orthopedic bed

    Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Dogs age at approximately 7 times the rate of a human. As dogs grow older it is common for them to lose muscle tone, experience diminished circulation, and problems often develop with bones and joints. It is during this time a comfortable, bed becomes most important.

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