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    old dog on his orthopedic bed

    Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Dogs age at approximately 7 times the rate of a human. As dogs grow older it is common for them to lose muscle tone, experience diminished circulation, and problems often develop with bones and joints. It is during this time a comfortable, bed becomes most important.

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    Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

    Top 10 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

    If you suffer from dog allergies, you may have given up on having a pet dog. Finding a hypoallergenic dog breed might be an option to explore. While there are no 100% hypoallergenic breeds of dogs. There are several breeds who produce minor or sometimes no allergy symptoms. Continue reading below; I have compiled my Top 10 […]

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    Cute Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Dressed up in Pink

    Are Yorkie Dogs Hypoallergenic

    If you’re a dog owner who is allergic to dogs, you have two choices. You can either endure the agony of your allergic symptoms to be with them or you avoid them altogether.

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    best human food for dogs

    Best Human Food for Healthy Dogs

    If you are hoping to feed your four-legged friend human snacks, you may be pleasantly surprised to know there are plenty of food choices that are healthy for our dogs. But, there are also certain foods that can be quite toxic to dogs.As with any dietary changes, it is important to practice moderation and also […]

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    yellow Labrador puppy

    What Is The Best Dog Food For Puppies

    Puppies need special diets for proper physical development. The best dog food for puppies provides proper nutrition during the crucial first year of life.Puppies should be fed in several, consistent intervals so that you don’t overstretch the pet’s stomach in the process. A properly trained breeder would have provided detailed information about how to handle […]

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    Homemade Dog Food

    Create the Perfect Nutrition with Homemade Dog Food

    I feed my little dog homemade dog food every day. I cook a big batch every Sunday morning, enough to last all week. By making my dog food at home, I’m able to choose everything that goes into his food. This can be important, especially if your dog has specific allergies or you want to feed them […]

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    dog supplements

    Dog Supplements to Benefit Health

    Dog supplements are starting to see more popularity in the pet health market.Nearly 1/3 of the dogs in the Untied States are given dog food supplements on a regular basis. These supplements help support the diet, improve a coat’s shine, reduce shedding, and support arthritic joints.Because of the increased number of overweight and aging dogs, […]

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    dog with allergies licking paw

    Best Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies

    Food allergies in dogs can be quite common. Symptoms include itching and continuous scratching, excessive licking, biting of the paws or other body parts and even a dull, lifeless coat. Finding the best dog food for food allergies can be a lifesaver.

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    sad little pug

    What Is The Best Dog Food For Diabetic Dogs?

    Diabetes Mellitus, or simply diabetes, can occur in dogs as well as humans. Finding the best dog food for diabetic dogs is a good start in his overall health treatment. If inflicted, the dog’s body lacks the amount of insulin or insulin action needed to regulate and balance out its blood sugar levels. In normal cases, food […]

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    best dog food kidney disease

    Best Kidney Disease Diet for Dogs

    Similar to humans, the dog’s body will build up waste toxins in the system that needs to be removed to avoid issues with illnesses.Toxins are mostly purged from the body via the kidneys, which helps to filter the waste and leaves the body through urine. A normal kidney is able to remove a lot of […]

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