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    Best Puppy Shampoo

    Best Puppy Shampoo

    The best puppy shampoo is simply one that is specially formulated for puppies. It should be mild yet successfully clean your puppy and rinse away completely.

    Puppies have very sensitive skin. Shampoos can be beneficial by cleaning away dirt and debris, but the wrong one can damage the puppy's skin.

    Shampoos often strip away the natural oils on the skin as well as change the PH level. When this occurs too often, the puppy's skin will dry out, become irritated and flake.

    As a result, the puppy may become itchy and start scratching. This can create open wounds where bacteria can cause infection.

    Our Top 5 Best Puppy Shampoos

    What is Puppy Shampoo?

    Many run-of-the-mill dog shampoos can contain harmful chemicals and dyes. While older dogs may be able to cope with these harsh products, a newborn puppy is far more sensitive.

    Puppy shampoo is specially formulated to be as gentle on sensitive skin and the eyes as possible.

    When to Start and How Often to Shampoo a Puppy

    French bulldog puppy in wooden wash basin with soap bubble

    Most mama dogs will keep their babies clean for the first several months of life. Puppies under three months of age should not need a full bath with shampoo. You should be able to use a damp washcloth if needed.

    Puppy shampoos are often formulated for particular ages and stages of a puppy or dog's life. Be sure to read the label.

    After three months of age, puppies should have a bath if they are dirty or smell bad. Some long-haired breeds may need more frequent baths as they grow. You should keep their coats untangled and well-groomed.

    Puppies may also need more frequent baths in the warmer months. This is the time of year when they are outside more regularly.

    You will want to try to make bath time enjoyable and pleasant, so when it is necessary, it isn't a battle. Sinks, bathtubs or the garden hose during the summer all work well.

    Be sure to have all your bath equipment collected and nearby. Use lukewarm water and the correct shampoo to avoid doggie tears and skin irritation.

    What's the Difference Between Adult Dog Shampoo and Puppy Shampoo?

    We, as adults, use a shampoo that we would never use on our babies. Any Mom knows what Johnson Baby Shampoo is. It's gentle on baby's skin and eyes.

    When puppies are born, they haven’t even opened their eyes yet. They’re scampering around, blind to the world with only a tiny layer of hair covering their silky soft skin.

    Puppy shampoo manufacturers steer clear of perfumes and harsh chemicals.

    What to Look for in a Puppy Safe Shampoo and what to Avoid

    The best puppy shampoo will be gentle with a short list of natural ingredients. Ingredients such as beeswax, and aloe are fantastic for puppies. Look for products that are specifically made for puppies.

    Here is a list of ingredients to look for in a puppy shampoo: 

    • purified water
    • vitamin A, B, D, E
    • aloe vera
    • chamomile
    • coconut-based cleaners

    Here's a list of ingredients to avoid:

    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    • artificial fragrances or colors
    • vague ingredients such as "special blend"
    • Any parabens such as butylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, or methylparaben
    • times-circle
      Polyethylene glyco

    All of the above ingredients have been known to cause skin irritations in those with sensitive skin.

    How to Make Homemade Moisturizing Shampoo

    Can I use Medicated Shampoo on my Puppy?

    No. Unless your vet has expressly told you to do so. An example might be in the case of a severe parasite infestation. Otherwise, no, you should not use medicated shampoos on your puppy.

    Medicated shampoos have even harsher ingredients than adult dog shampoo. These ingredients can cause severe itching and discomfort.

    Sometimes, your veterinarian will allow a puppy to undergo a medicated bath.

    Your veterinarian will have to make a decision. Is the puppy more at risk if left without the treatment, or more at risk if they receive it?

    This might occur in extreme cases of neglect. For instance, if a puppy is infested with fleas or ticks.

    Puppy Safe Wipes

    Are you a dog owner on the go? Well, there are doggy wipes designed for you in mind. These puppy wipes are great to use between baths. 

    Puppy wipes are a quick and easy methods for keeping your puppy reasonably clean on a daily basis. Or, if you have the puppy's mama around, she will help keep her little one clean.

    You'll love these bath wipes if you're on a road trip. Puppy wash wipes have the potential to make your life just a little bit easier.

    If you can't find puppy wipes, then wipes designed for dogs with sensitive skin will do the trick.

    Our Top 5 Best Puppy Shampoo Reviews

    This gentle combination of natural ingredients, all hailed for their healthful, and healing properties - will leave your puppy even more cuddle-able than before! With honey, buttermilk, and linseed oil, all contributing to the effectiveness of this product.

    *While this product is designed with sensitive skin in mind, it is always important to patch test.


    • Contains natural ingredients
    • Paraben, and Sulfate free


    • Doesn’t smell amazing

    The Pro-Sense puppy shampoo, with added odor elimination, is ideal for messy pups who like to roll where they shouldn’t! With added Jojoba oil promoting a healthy coat with a lustrous shine and moisturized skin.

    This tearless shampoo will leave your puppy tear free, and giving off the lovely odor of baby powder.


    • Smells like baby powder
    • Contains Jojoba Oil


    • Not sulfate free


    • Paraben and Sulfate free
    • Natural ingredients
    • Incredible scent
    • Odor busting properties to keep your puppy smelling good for longer


    • Thick formula


    • Sulfate and Paraben Free
    • Cool packaging points!
    • check
    • check
      Orange scent
    • check
      Made in the USA


    • Orange scent doesn't last too long on your pup

    This is a coconut base, soap-free puppy shampoo with completely all-natural ingredients. It contains no DEA or synthetic dyes. It's perfume-free and contains no phosphates.

    We are reviewing the puppy formula, but, there are many different versions of the product. Each one fills a specific need. There is a natural flea killer formula, a deodorizer, and even a whitening shampoo.


    • All ingredients are natural and 100% bio-degradable
    • Soap free coconut-based cleanser
    • Naturally tear-less and pH-balanced


    • Strong cherry scent

    Our Top Choice for Best Puppy Shampoo

    And the verdict is, we pick Pet Head - Puppy Fun as the winner this time around! There are so many PROS including the fact that this shampoo is hypoallergenic, sulfate, and paraben free - this looks like the mildest of the list, and the most suited for those with sensitive skin.

    With the only downside being that the sweet orange scent doesn’t last longer than a few days. But, we’re pretty happy to put up with that for the sake of having a healthy, and happy puppy running around!

    Who would have thought that there was so much to think about when it comes to buying puppy shampoo?! It’s shocking to think about just how many chemicals we have become accustomed to seeing in personal hygiene products.

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