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    best human food for dogs

    Best Human Food for Healthy Dogs

    If you are hoping to feed your four-legged friend human snacks, you may be pleasantly surprised to know there are plenty of food choices that are healthy for our dogs. But, there are also certain foods that can be quite toxic to dogs.

    As with any dietary changes, it is important to practice moderation and also visit your vet to ensure the human food you are giving your dog or puppy is perfectly acceptable for your particular breed of dog.

    Here's a great video featuring the best human food for dogs:

    Here's our List of the Best Human Food for Dogs

    Peanut Butter

    • Peanut butter is a great doggie treat rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, healthy fats, and protein. Because peanut butter is so rich in nutrients and protein, it is able to keep the dog satisfied for quite a while. The preferred type of peanut butter is the unsalted variety. Similar to people, too much salt can have a negative impact. Also, check the ingredients label to make sure it does not include Xylitol or similar sugar substitutes that can be harmful to dogs.


    • Chicken is a versatile food and easily fed to dogs in several different ways. Make sure there are no bones hidden in the chicken meat before giving it to your pup. Chicken bones can splinter and cause a lot of damage to your dog if swallowed. Some experts say that raw chicken bones will not splinter and stay chewy and soft. I wouldn't recommend bones of any kind. Especially for a small dog.


    • Cheese is a further option but is not a suitable option for all dogs, especially those that are lactose intolerant. Plus, dairy products should be kept to a minimum. For the dogs that aren't lactose intolerant, a small portion of cheese can make a perfect treat. A great choice includes cottage cheese because it is very easy to digest and rich in calcium and protein.


    • A great low-calorie snack includes carrots which are also rich in vitamin A and fiber. Plus chewing on the raw carrots has the benefit of improving the health of the dog’s teeth. Carrots are a particularly good snack choice for the overweight dog because of the very low-calorie count.


    • Yogurt is rich in digestive cultures, calcium, and protein, which are certain to help improve the puppy’s digestive health. The best  yogurt to serve your dog has no sweeter or flavor and is low in fat, and includes live active cultures. Also, similar to cheese, this snack should be avoided for the dogs that are lactose intolerant.


    • Freshly cooked or canned pumpkin that is low in spices and sugars is a perfect choice for dogs experiencing episodes of stomach sensitivity. Plus, it is also a great source of fiber and vitamin A.

    Green Beans

    • A serving of green beans is among the great low-calorie options that can help an overweight dog lose weight. Green beans are a healthy treat rich in fiber but very low in calories, so a practical option for those that want to avoid the high-calorie snacks.

    Sweet Potatoes

    • Sweet potatoes are similar to a serving of pumpkin because of the high nutrient content such as fiber and vitamin A. The sweet potatoes should be served unseasoned and boiled or steamed to make them very easy to digest.

    I'd like to include this list of people food you should avoid giving your dog. This article is from the ASPCA and does a great job at listing some very unhealthy foods for your dog.

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