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Puppy Nutrition

Our goal is to reinforce the importance of proper nutrition for your puppy. After all, you're the only one who decides what your puppy eats. Proper nutrition starts at a young age for your dog and will have a huge effect on how healthy your dog feels and acts when he starts getting a little older.

There are so many choices when it comes to puppy and dog food. Educating yourself on what the proper choice is for your particular dog, will go a long way in determining the state of your dog's health.

Depending on the size of the breed, puppies mature anywhere between one and two years, with smaller dogs maturing faster. In order to ensure that they are growing at the proper rate, they need to have food that has the right nutrients, and the right amount of nutrients, for their size, breed, etc.

A growing puppy needs plenty of protein in their diet because this is going to contribute to muscle health, as well as provide them with energy. Your puppy’s food should also contain plenty of calcium. This nutrient is necessary for healthy growth of bones and teeth.

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